Fayrene & Ted    Parrish
           Thank you for Viewing our 
We are indeed fortunate to have our
 Art purchased for permanent installations, nationally 
                    and internationally including:              
        Hilton Hotels, Sheraton Hotels, Radison Hotels,     Warner Land Development, Los  Angeles County Museum     of  Natural History,                                           
   America House- New York Craft Museum
            - as well  The United States Government                                                                                                           

Imagine........ Visualize...........Create!              with  Visual Art

Music by Frank French “Womba Momba”.

All Fayrene’s classes start with Music, Movement and silent meditation                       

to Relax .....before we begin....to

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                   Fayrene teaches and gives

Demos in various painting mediums as well as sculpture styles, including Life Size pieces without armature and Bas Relief - from jewelry size to wall size.....and has been invited to do so throughout the Western States, including Hawaii, France and Italy.