Ted & Fayrene Parrish
                                  Fayrene’s Art Work and Ted’s Photography has been                                   
        purchased for permanent installations, nationally and internationally,
        Hilton Hotels, Sheraton Hotels, Radison Hotels, Warner Land 
        Development, Los  Angeles County Museum of Natural History,            
                        America House- New York Craft Museum
                               - as well  The United States Government                                                                                       
                       Recent Local Corporate Installations Include:
          Holiday Inn  Express:   Lobby, Conference & Dinning Hall, 
            San Luis Obispo, and  Sandcastle Inn, Pismo Beach:
                                                Lobby and Dinning Room                                                                     

                        Over 35 years of experience in the Art Trade, working         
                    with Fine Art Galleries, Designers,  Architects, Publishers,              
                                Private and Corporate Commissions.mailto:fayrene@cox.net?subject=email%20subject

            * Photography,  * Original Sculpture   *  Original Oils,                 

               * Watercolors, *Acrylics  * Commissioned Portraits        

                                                Limited Editions                     

                Classes taught in all mediums - to all Ages

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Music by Frank French “Womba Momba”.

All Fayrene’s classes start with hand clappin’, foot stompin’ music to relax before we begin.